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Motek – Abused

The Belgian experimental band Motek released today their new single called "Abused". Motek is an audiovisual collective with a preference for the expressive force of music. Four daring musicians seek those moments of intensity leading to surprise and surrender. The songs sound full but leave imaginative space open for the listener. Motek loves it airy yet taut: melodies swelling from carefully interwoven guitars are firmly grounded by an inventive ...

Isis New Song 20 Minutes/40 Years

The Los Angeles Experimental band Isis, released a new song from their fifth album "Wavering Radiant", which is scheduled to come out on May 5th. "20 Minutes/40 Years" is a good representation of the record with lots of "ear candy" sounds. Matt Santoro is working on a video for this song which will be completed around the time of the records release. You can listen to the track here.


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