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C.U.T.E. Far To The Past

The German Post-Rockers from Collapse Under The Empire recently released a video for the new track "Far To The Past" from the 2009 "Find A Place To Be Safe" album. Criss and Matt said: Right now we are working hard on a new album. A possbile release date could be already in summer this year. But before this, we are planing to release the single "Far To The Past" + a bonus ...

C.U.T.E. Find A Place To Be Safe

Collapse Under The Empire released their video for the album title track "Find A Place To Be Safe" (release 27th Nov. 2009). Find A Place To Be Safe is an album without any restrictions. Keyboard sounds flood your auditory canals, strings rule over the silence, while guitar walls pierce through sound barriers. Your own imagination is be winged by reappearing flashes of sound that sometimes flow through what you ...

Collapse Under The Empire – Captured Moments

Collapse Under The Empire just released the Captured Moments video, which is the first video single from the upcoming album Find A Place To Be Safe. The release of the new album will be in autumn this year. The German band released their previous album Systembreakdown early this year and received great feedback from the Post Rock music community. See the new video below. Previous article here.


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