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From Monument To Masses Break Up

San Francisco post-rock group From Monument To Masses have split after nine years together. Guitarist Matthew Solberg explained the decision in a press statement: "It's with a wide array of emotions that I must announce the end of the band From Monument To Masses. FMTM is not organized or cohesive enough at this time to issue a unified or consensual statement, so I'm speaking as an individual and not ...

From Monument To Masses

"How can we expect anyone to listen if we are using the same old voice? We need noise..." - Refused "The work: to make revolution irresistible." - Toni Cade Bambara Revolutionary. While it's become increasingly difficult to refrain from rolling one's eyes whenever one hears the word, it's even harder not to use it when describing From Monument To Masses. This San Francisco area three-piece, founded in late 2000, is constantly pushing ...


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