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The Ocean She Was The Universe Song Release

The German post-metal band The Ocean released the "She Was The Universe" single from their upcoming album "Anthropocentric" which will be out on November 9th via Metalblade Records. The Ocean Collective (usually referred to as “The Ocean”) is an experimental metal band from Berlin, Germany. Their work combines elements of modern hardcore and technical metal with classical music and electronic soundscapes. The band often describes its sound as “ambient ...

Kokomo, Head Of The Taurus Tour Update

Update: On April 12th Kokomo, Head Of The Taurus and Flirt In Lust are scheduled to play in Cluj Napoca at Irish Music Pub. Produced by BHCB & Trashilvania and TBA Crew Booking the show starts at 8PM and the tickets are 10RON. Relish Booking presents on April 13th the German post-rock bands Kokomo and Head Of The Taurus alongside the local act Semiosis, live in ‏Play Cafe ( ...


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