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Sey Hollo

Sey Hollo hails from northern Sweden and it is the solo-project of Sebastian Larsson. The music contains heavy poor man's post-rock based on rusty guitars and organs. Sey Hollo released the second EP "Growth" in the early January after his first self-titled EP released in the summer of 2010. This time around, Sey Hollo focuses more on piano and less on organs, though maintaining the heavy sound from the ...

Discordless – 148 Light Years Asiluum Release

Asiluum presents a triple disc release in Taine Studio Bar on October 17th. Discordless, a local down-tempo, ambiental act will release his second album “148 Light Years”. Unpredictable and imperfect by excellence, "148 Light Years" features a heavy sound evolved from its industrial beginnings into an unique combination of ambients, noise, drones and electronic madness. This album is a collective effort of Marius Costache(noise), Ana Roman(piano), Costin Chioreanu(guitar), Jeno Havelaar(noise) and ...


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