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Restarting The Engines And Free Wallpapers

It's been a while since our last post, we've received a lot of submissions from bands all over the world, many of them I didn't even manage to listen, but we are back, we are recovering lost grounds fast and starting this fall we will be more active than ever. Until then, keep submitting your stuff and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and We've reached 1000 likes on Facebook, ...

Our Ceasing Voice and Valerinne Live Photos

Wednesday, February 27th, the Austrian band Our Ceasing Voice played live at Control Club in Bucharest, alongside the local act Valerinne. This concert was a part of the tour that Our Ceasing Voice are doing in Europe this Spring. Photos from the concert are now available below, as always, courtesy of Laurentiu Raducanu and click on the image to enter gallery

Amenra & Environments Live Photos

Photos from the Asiluum Night #4, held Saturday 6th of October in Fabrica club are now available online, featuring the Belgian post-metal outfit Amenra and the local acts Mediocracy and Environments. click on the image to enter gallery Covered in darkness the concert was an unique experience of psycho-ambient sounds, screams of despair and brutal crisp vibes from the depths of the Church of RA.

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