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The project that led to the band Oak was born during a tour in the Eastern Europe in the summer of 2009. The Boring (punk-hardcore, France) and I Am John Spartan (punk-emo-crust, France) were touring together when Sebastien (guitar player in The Boring), Thibault (singer in I Am John Spartan) and Thomas (bass player in I Am John Spartan) decided to play music together after the tour in another ...

Caspian Interview

The titans of the modern post-rock, the mythical gods of music, whose sound raises all the hairs on the surface of human skin - they have mixed the usual 7 notes in a detonating cocktail of emotions, feelings, moods and experiences, and while you are drinking it, your musical taste receptors choke in the ecstasy of the long-awaited sound. They are creating such dense wall of sound, behind which ...


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