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East Of The Wall, Radare & Khuda Photos

Here are some photos from the last night concert of East Of The Wall, Radare and Khuda. An awesome show opened by the British band Khuda, their music is an interesting combination of drums and electric guitar well mixed in a sound which you wish it keeps on going endlessly. Khuda (Leeds, UK) Radare (Wiesbaden, Germany) The German guys from Radare seem at first a little bit shy, starting their gig ...

Toma – As We Fall Into Static Our Hearts Sing

Around the beginning of the century, the evolution of post-rock from the '90s had experienced the glorified peak of its existence. Most people will always recall their first listen with the scene's influential act Godspeed You! Black Emperor. For those who have stuck with the genre and watched as countless bands have emerged to expand on the ideas of their ancestors, there is an immediate distinction that the ...

Collapse Under The Empire – Captured Moments

Collapse Under The Empire just released the Captured Moments video, which is the first video single from the upcoming album Find A Place To Be Safe. The release of the new album will be in autumn this year. The German band released their previous album Systembreakdown early this year and received great feedback from the Post Rock music community. See the new video below. Previous article here.


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