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Khuda Live Photos

A double feature gallery from the Khuda concerts held in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, Romania is now available below by the courtesy of Adina Popescu @ Irish & Music Pub and Laurentiu Raducanu @ Underworld Club. enter gallery @ Irish & Music Pub Khuda's latest release "Iecava" came out last July via Field Records, receiving great reviews by genre enthusiasts and more. All three albums are streaming on the band's bandcamp ...

Radare Live Photos

After a year from their first concert in Romania, the German band Radare, returned as headliners at the first day of the Autumn Noise Festival in Underworld Club. Photos of their performance are now available below, of course by the same Laurentiu Raducanu. click on the image to enter gallery Photos from their previous concert here.

Kokomo Live@Underworld Photos

Photos from the Kokomo live concert which took place on April 14th in the newly opened Underworld Club, are available below. Video footage done by Asiluum Netlabel is also available. A truly great show by the German rockers in Bucharest, after two more held in Romania. For more info about the band visit

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