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Telepathy are an atmospheric Post/Sludge/Math metal band from England.
The project began when three of them were at music college together. They were all into the same kind of music, stuff like Tool, Mike Patton, Dillinger Escape Plan and Isis, and they decided pretty quickly that they all wanted to make some music that had no boundaries and that would really push themselves with to become better songwriters and instrumentalists.

Piotr, Albert and Krystian who are brothers had moved to England from Poland and Richard met them at the college and it was a real piece of fate that they all loved the same kind of music and wanted to create a band to play this style, a real once in a lifetime opportunity to create the music they all had in their heads.

About the recording of their debut Fracture EP and their future plans, Richard stated:

“After a year of working on the music and refining the songs until we felt they were strong enough, we went to Springvale Studios in Ipswich, U.K to record the EP. The studio itself was amazing and had a vast array of vintage (pre 70’s) equipment that we took advantage of. The guitars were even recorded on a prototype Matamp, the same model Jimmy Page used in the 60’s with Led Zeppelin! All in all it only took around 3 days, as we recorded the majority of it live, as we wanted to bring across that sludgy, raw and live aspect of our sound on our first release.

In the near future we really hope to just keep creating interesting music that we all enjoy and continuing to push ourselves as a band. We would absolutely love to tour the U.K and Europe in 2012, so many people including yourselves have been very supportive to us since the EP was released and it would be such a thrill to get to play in Europe! We hope to continue growing as a band and keep creating and releasing better and better music.

At the moment we are writing for a split EP with our friends in the bands Three Thrones and Another Dead Hero, which we will have one or two new tracks on. We are also beginning to write for our own new EP that we hope to release in the spring of next year, as well as setting up our own rehearsal studio and hq here in England. We are also gigging regularly, will be supporting UpCDownC in Feb 2012 and are looking for more shows in 2012.”

Listen and download for free the Fracture EP.

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  1. yan savchook

    Hi guys that its awesome…keep going boys! I love it that music!
    Yan from Bolton

  2. Piotr

    Thanks man!

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