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Tep Zepi

It all started rolling back in 2006, when ideas came together with Victor and Mihnea. Autumn 2006, Vlad and Bogdan join the team for the first Romanian stoner project. No time wasted, Tep Zepi hits the stage in September, 2006, with a disturbing fusion of stoner, grunge and acid rock. The band’s first year, 2007, is not an anonymous one. Tep Zepi was invited to join shows with bands like Luna Amara, Girls Against Boys (SUA), Kumm, Phoenix or Trooper, raging in more than 30 gigs. More important, the guys marked their first year on stage at the biggest local fests – Bestival, Motorrock, Rock la Mures, Fanfest, or Stufstock. One of the band’s ever recorded songs, Tulpa, gained 12 weeks of City FM’s Romtop.

Following a bomb start, the band slows to stand-by. For good reason, though. Tep Zepi only rarely hits the stage in 2008, choosing instead studio time. It’s the year that Tep Zepi release their first disc, an EP on vinyl. “Retrofetish” becomes the first of its kind in over 10 years. Self-produced. Limited edition. Releasing it is also a hit story. Sold out at Metropolis Theatre, marking 2 years on stage. There’s another surprise for the fans, “Contact” the band’s first video is released, thanks to Max Biterman. Gig draught is not enough to be forgotten. 5 of the band’s songs hit the tops in 2008, while interviews with the guys continue to be taken.

Fresher than ever, the band makes it’s comeback on stage, setting it for the release of the first album. Recorded in 2008 and presenting 12 songs recorded and mastered by Mihnea Ferezan with Jean Pasniciuc. The album is released both in Cluj and Bucharest and benefits of a wide media display. And surprises keep coming. Lead singer Bogdan Rusu decides to end up the trip with the band. The final show alongside Bogdan is Bucharest album release party. As promised, though, show must go on and Tep Zepi is attacking the summer in a brand new look. The band makes a U turn and changes completely the front figure. New lead singer is Petra Acker – voice of funk crazy crew ‘The Others’. And surprises keep coming… Mihnea Ferezan becomes the new guitar player for Luna Amara, sharing his time and skills among bands. What comes next?

Below you can watch Tep Zepi playing “Mamut” live at Mojo Club.

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