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Like the desolate yet majestic plains of the arctic north, Tunturia’s sound is at times both harsh and beautiful combining elements of post-rock, ambient soundscapes and experimental noise.

Formed in late 2005 the band quickly became a vehicle through which its members were able to explore concepts and ideas through music. Intricate without being technical, grand in scope without the pretension, lush without losing intensity, the band forged ahead writing new material that at times teetered between the edges of progressive and hauntingly minimal.

Armed with an array of guitar pedals, synth pads and thousands of audio samples Tunturia recorded their debut album in the summer of 2006 in an ambitious studio tour-de-force. The result is MAPS, a 10 song album exploring the idea of various world regions traversing the globe both culturally and geographically. As ambitious as this record may seem, it marks only the first phase in the band’s ongoing evolution.

An official status of the band you can read below.

“A lot has happened to Tunturia in the last year or so: we organized our second extensive tour, a two week adventure in the US, played a number of odd shows and weekend tours in Southern Ontario and Quebec and have recently started Valkyre Records, our own ‘label’ to help with releases and tours for ourselves and some other bands we take an interest to.

Meanwhile, our album, released in mid 2007, has been selling quite well to our surprise, and has been received well enough among our listeners to be dissmenated across the globe via the torrent circuit. For this reason, we have made our album available for download for free on our label website,

Anyways, despite the fun we’ve had, we have decided to reorganize and change our game plan for a number of reasons:

1. I, Michael (drums), live in London Ontario for school, while the other three members live in Toronto, about two and a half hours away and are either in school as well or work a full time job. This makes for inconsistent rehearsals and as such, we have still yet to reach our goal in regards to our live performance. We admit, we have never really been a live band, and have never really had the opportunity to adequately prepare for live gigs and make for a really impressive set.

2. We do not have a van. We have always had to borrow or rent when doing shows outside of our hometown, which has always been stressful and a financial burden in which we would always lose a lot of money (*not to mention, we have been in constant debt from the recording of our first album).

3. Wayne, our lead guitarist, has left the band for personal reasons. We wish him the best of luck with any future endeavors, musical or not. Also, our other guitarist, Ihor, is getting married in the Spring and for obvious reasons, the band’s priorities have changed.

All said and done, we have decided to continue on as a trio, but not to play shows anymore, or at least, for an indefinite amount of time. We may decide to seek more members one day and actually rehearse enough to perform up to our own standards, but for the time being, we will continue as a recording project – writing, recording and releasing our music.

We are so very grateful for those who came out to the shows we did play, and whole heartedly apologize to anyone who had wanted to see us live but never got a chance to see us play.

Our Next Step

As you may or may not know, our next album, Invisible City, which we have been writing for over a year now, has finally started to take shape. Because of our tight budget and mass debt, we took most of 2008 thinking of our best possible recording solution, something we were capable of financially and could offer us the quality we were looking for. Around September, we made the decision that our best option would be to do the drums at a studio in Toronto (Sleepytown Sound) and then do the rest of the instruments in Ihor’s home studio, an asset we have always considered but have been reluctant to take advantage of until now. I did the drum tracks for two songs in November (only one of which will be on the new album) and have been recording the other parts since.

With such an intimate setting and comfortable work space, we’re confident Invisible City will be a much better production than our last album, and cannot wait to unveil it, however, there is no due date on this project, so we cannot say when this will happen.

I guess that’s it for now. In the meantime, we’ll be continuing to build Valkyre Records, helping some other bands with shows and such.

If anyone would like to contact us for whatever reason, please do so at

Thank you for support.

Michael, Tunturia”

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