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After nearly a year of working on their project, vohké emerges with its first musical production of six tracks written and produced by the band, including an unreleased live demo.

The album simplistically titled “[ I ]” is composed of material recorded in early 2011. Their songs are mostly ambient, guitar-driven tracks that build-up throughout the songs with a very organic sounding rhythmic section . This album, frequently labled as psychedelic and experimental is definitely worth listening to in its entirety, for every song creates a specific mood with layers of ambient sound and intricate riffs that weave into each other effortlessly.

The name decomposes from a Japanese photographic term (bokeh) that highlights the underlying aesthetics of the “out of focus”, that which is not explicitly stated. vohké runs along the same vein, using sound as its mean. Hailing from Dominican Republic, vohké members: Brian Senior, Pierre Carbuccia, Josue García and Jean Michel Zayas invite in a provocative fashion to listen without a reason, beyond what is offered, to invest a little time to perceive the details hidden behind the music, which makes their work more than a way of entertainment, an art form.

Listen to their debut album below.

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  1. mariogcarlsson (cacata)

    I could see the video behind the music…interesting, kind of like chill music, chanting, refreshing, easy listening. Very very ORIGINAL. Not a trace of stereotyping music in this production. Love it!

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